Our Story

Comfort is something that everyone deserves. And we’re not talking about plain-old, boring stress-relief. We’re talking about a positive, life-changing feeling of comfort, warmth, and fulfilment during intimacy that makes you say “wow!” Pulse was founded to bring this sensation to everyone.

We found, through painful trial and error, that the other personal lubricants on the market are inconvenient, messy, and uncomfortably cold (talk about a mood killer!). This is a huge problem for many people who rely on lubricants to enjoy comfortable intimacy, but find them irritating, drying, and full of questionable ingredients.

And so, Pulse was born.

After years of research, development, and innovation, Pulse launched not only with a lineup of premium personal lubricants, but the groundbreaking Pulse Warmer. This sleek, modern device allows Pulse’s lubricants and massage oils to be gently warmed and precisely dispensed eliminating any risk of contamination or burning. The result is an experience that transforms intimacy by making every moment comfortable, convenient, and pleasurable.

Pulse is for everyone looking to enhance intimacy and bring some well-deserved comfort back into their life.

Amy Buckalter

CEO and Founder

Michel Goffin


Rachel Braun Scherl

Chief Development Officer

Chapman Strong

Director of Operations

Amy Buckalter


Jeff Heuple


Doug Rosen


Tom Lerner Esq.


Ken Pilcher

Product Development Engineering

Clarisonic co-founder, Sonicare, NASA

Dr. Lilac Muller

Product Development Engineering

Clarisonic, L'Oréal, NASA

Dr. Cynthia Buxton

Product Development Formulations

Michael Smith

Data Analytics, eCommerce

Land's End, Nordstrom.com, Classmates.com

Stephanie Stahl

Brand Strategy, Marketing, Media

BCG, Revlon, Coach